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Please go to the new website: CA IDMS Tutorial (http://IDMS-Training.com)

IDMS Computer-Based-Training Software - teaches IDMS, COBOL, and ADS on your PC.  Saves thousands of dollars in training costs.

Please visit our NEW Web site http://ItDoesMoreStuff.com - dedicated to helping IDMS Programmers and Database Administrators.  Includes discussion forum, free utilities, training/tutorial information, and more! 

NOT LOOKING FOR EMPLOYMENT - only part time consulting/work-at-home arrangements or short-term training. Recruiters and head-hunters need not call.  However, I do accept recruiter and job advertising on the IDMS web site mentioned above.  

Microsoft Certified Trainer

   Click here for details on Visual Basic, Visual Interdev, SQL/Server and other Microsoft Official Courses

IDMS CBT Training Software (through IDMS Release 14.0)

Make productive IDMS programmers out of COBOL programmers on a shoe-string budget!   
1/10th the cost of instructor-lead training. 
Runs on Windows/PC, requires 17-inch monitor. 
Animations make training fun and make difficult concepts easy to remember.  

Covers database fundamentals (schemas,storage mode, etc...), central version fundamentals (locking, journalling, commits, recovery), database navigation (area sweeps, entry points, many-to-many, bill of materials, etc...).  Separate module teaches batch COBOL IDMS programming.  Also building a stand-up training course and workbooks to accompany the CBT.  
New Introduction to ADSO course now available (as of November 1998). 

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Click here to view IDMS Fundamentals and Batch/COBOL course outlines.
Click here to view the ADS course outlines.
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Send email for or call if you need immediate information.

Recent Accomplishments

cobolun.gif (12380 bytes)- June 1998 - Neal Walters is author of the IDMS Chapter (22) in COBOL/Unleashed by McMillan (Sams) Publishing (published in late 1998).  You can order the book from AMAZON.COM by clicking on the book at the left.  It retails for $49.99, but you can get it from AMAZON for ONLY $39.99 - much less than your local bookstore!!! 

- July 1998 - Have converted 5 IDMS Central Versions, including production to 14.0.   Currently supporting Y2K conversion effort as a DBA. 

- May 1998 - Have done a database reorg on a database of 100,000,000 records (yes that's 100 Million) records, and could not have implemented it without TACT's DB-EZ-Reorg. 

imglogo.gif (11446 bytes)- January 1999 - Became a value-added reseller for Ed Taylor's Internet Marketing Group (and have all his training courses available from this web site).  Go to this site and get Ed's Free Report "10 Fatal Flaws of Internet Marketing".


CA-IDMS & COBOL Mainframe Services

- Large database reorgs, planning, space monitoring, dictionary migration, and analysis

- Custom-made IDMS utilities to solve your business and database administration needs

- Year 2000 conversion needs (familiarity with most IDMS Year 2000 solutions - see utility experience below)

- Strong knowledge and use of parsers against JCL, PROCLIBs, and Source Code (PanValet or PDS). I have a powerful COBOL/assembler subroutine library and experience which allows me to quickly create unique and powerful utilities.

- Strong knowledge and experience with the internals of the CA/IDMS "IDD" - Integrated Data Dictionary

- Strong experience separating IDMS indexes from data areas to separate index areas (and have software to build the required updates to COBOL programs, i.e. the addition of the new "READY" statements).

- Most recent experience includes maintaining and enhancing Allen System's Groups "DBOL" product and major contributions to their IDMS Journal product called TRACER. Currently contracting as a production/systems DBA for a major Fortune 100 corporation, responsible for 100 gigabytes of government data. Nine years experience with a Fortune 50 oil company. 3 Years experience with a major IDMS Software Vendor (Allen Systems Group).

- Experience with the following products: All Allen-Systems Group products (especially DBOL, VDB, and TRACER), TACT's DB-EZReorg, Platinum's InfoHub (ODBC/SQL Interface to IDMS), Platinum's Trans-Century (Y2K), Time-Warp and System Vision 2000.

Neal Walters - Contact Information

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Learn@Hand - Online Learning/Training for over 270 courses/products

12 Months Anytime, Anywhere Unlimited Access

Includes Microsoft Approved courseware
for MOUS and MCSE certifications.

Mainframe Courses include SAS, COBOL, MicroFocus COBOL,
CICS, JCL, ISP, MVS/OS390, TSO/E, REXX, Easytrieve,
VSAM, DB2,Oracle, and TCP/IP.
Other Professional Courses include PowerBuilder, C++, VB5.0,
Windows NT Server, Workstation, Enterprise
Unix, SQL Server 6.5, OOP with C++, JAVA, LANs, HTML FOCUS

ALL 190 courses for ONE LOW PRICE!  $169.99 per year.
Multiple students can share the same account
(but reporting test scores will not be accurate).

From the most novice user to the most advanced professional.

Click here or on the graphic below for more detailed information,
including the complete course listing.

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Neal Walters - Training Services

- Have training materials for IDMS Introduction and IDMS ADS (ADSO). Have taught one week ADSO class about 5 times. Also have taught numerous FOCUS, TSO/ISPF, CULPRIT, OLQ, and SAS.

- Specialized Courses available on request

- Hablo espanol (y vivia en Puerto Rico para nueve meses).

Neal Walters - Contact Information


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The Information User Association (IUA) is an international, not for profit educational and service organization comprised of member companies which use and/or support Computer Associates International (CA) products. The IUA has been providing quality service to its members since 1974 and was incorporated in 1981.

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Arch Consulting - Utility Software for IDMS

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IDMS/SQL News - IDMS/SQL is published on behalf of IDMS WatchDog Group, Oslo-Helsinki for free circulation among IDMS Users Worldwide.

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