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"At Home With Hebrew" - Product Features - Multimedia Windows Hebrew Tutor Program teaches beginners to read and pronounce Hebrew language, and to recognize the most common Hebrew words used in Bible and Synagogue. FREE download available. Focuses mainly on phonetics, reading skills, and vocabulary. Includes several fun and challenging games and even shows you how to read Hebrew without the vowel dots.

Review of Hebrew Courses - Review of various Hebrew Self-Study Courses (books, audios, videos, primers, etc...)

Hebrew, Torah, and Canting - A brief description of Hebrew, the Torah scroll, and the process of canting (chanting) the Torah passage.

Hebrew - A Living Language at - Hebrew alphabet (with voice), verbs, phrase of the day, useful words, poetry, traditional phrases, contemporary phrases. Sponsoredby Macom Networking - apparently an Israeli web/internet provider. "Macom" in Hebrw means place, but also "situation", "area", "room", "location", and "space". A good offshot to other Israeli sites.

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Hebrew Software Resources Follow:

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Parsons Technology - Hebrew Tutor - You'll move at your own pace through this engaging, interactive sight-and-sound tutorial. Grammar lessons and proven study tools build naturally on your skills, taking you through the equivalent of an entire first-year course.

"Hooked on Hebrew" Comments on Parsons: Includes voice - but not true Israeli accent. A great companion product for "Hooked on Hebrew". Let "Hooked on Hebrew" teach you read printed, cursive, block style, and even Rashi font and to get comfortable with the alphabet and the language. Then proceed with Parsons "Hebrew Tutor," which contains a lot more grammar and exercises/drills.

Right to Left Software Inc's - The Hebrew Software Page - Various Hebrew word processors, viewers, Keyboards, and learning programs.

Davka Corporation "The Best in Judaic Software" - Probably the world's leader in Hebrew and Jewish software. Includes word processors, Torah and Talmud search/view software, learning programs, clip-art, screen-savers, Hebrew/Internet tools,

Dor L'Dor - Bringing Judaic Software to the 21st Century - Various Hebrew learning software programs.

Yedioth's Ahronoth - Online Book Store - Hebrew Books - all prices are in NIS (new shekels - currency of Israel).

Hebrew Language Kit - For Apple/Macintosh - Combine languages in the same document, six high quality Hebrew Fonts...


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